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Want to store your Vehicle, Boat or Caravan?

With our secured indoor and outdoor storage and our 24/7 security monitoring & alarmed premises, we can protect and store your car, boat, caravan, or vehicle. We've got just the solution for you!

  • Bronze

    Ideal for the short-term leaser.

  • Silver

    Ideal for the short-term leaser


    ● Tyre pressure check prior to collection

    ● Battery charge prior to collection (for both, you must give us 7 days notice)

  • Gold

    Fantastic option for a vehicle on a longer stay


    Hand-washing and Drying Service prior to collection

    ● Battery Trickle Charging and Monitoring

    ● Tyre Pressure Monitoring and Tyre Rotation

    ● Engine Start and Run to Operation Temperature

We've got just the solution!

Choose from on our range of vehicle storage solutions

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